How to Measure the Effectiveness of a Business

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Governance is simply the system of government an organization has and what its rules, laws, and policies are. Administration is the implementation of these policies. While an organization’s governance may remain the same, the administration of an organization can change, depending on who is “in charge” and what administrative or leadership style(s) they exhibit.
Leaders can operate from a variety of what Bolman and Deal (2013) call frames. The four frames: structural, human resource, symbolic, and political are as diverse as the managers who operate from them. Decisions often are made as a result of from which frame a leader makes decisions. Two managers could be presented with the same issue, and make two completely different decisions, based on the fact that they utilize different frames. Not only will a decision change, but how that decision or event is perceived will change as a result of viewing “the same event through different lenses” (Bolman & Deal, 2013, p. 309). A manager operating from the structural frame is concerned with policies, rules, and the chain of command (2013). The human resource leader is concerned about the people in the organization and how decisions may affect them (2013). The leader who operates from the political frame will try to address the needs of those both inside and outside the organization (2013). Finally, the symbolic leader wants to inspire their employees and respects an “organization’s history and culture” (Bolman & Deal, 2013, p. 331).
In the company where I work, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), I am a unique creature. I am an educator in a corporate setting. As an educator, I generally operate from the human resource frame, where it’s all about the peo...

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...mployees as though they mattered and were not just disposable entities? Only time will tell.

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