How power produced by a solar cell is affected by its distance from a light source.

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How power produced by a solar cell is affected by its distance from a

light source.


I expect that as the solar cells are moved closer the light source the

higher the power they will produce.

As light moves away from the source it spreads out at all angles the

further you are from the source the less intense the light will be.

P = I V

Power = current x volts

P = FA

Power = flux x area

Flux = P/A Area of 4 solar cells that I will use is 0.0077m2

This means that the higher the flux the higher the power as we are not

changing the area of the solar cells as this remains is constant. So

as flux increases so will the power and this will happen as the cells

are moved closer to the light.


Light Source


Using what I know about space and the way light intensity changes the

relation I expect is. Power = 1/distance2


To measure power by a solar cell and distance light source is away

form it, then to plot the distance against power to get a strong

inverse relationship.

Then to plot a graph of power against 1/distance this should then give

a straight line and hopefully proportionality that is what I wish to

prove. To prove that power produce by a solar cell is reciprocal of


I placed a light on a table pointed at an array of solar cells mounted

on a stand fixed with a clamp. I will move the solar cell closer to

the light source and take measurements of the volts and amps that the

array produces so I can work out how much power is produced at

different distances.

* Input variable is the distance the solar cells are f...

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...y graph that plots this there is a clear strong correlation

between the two sets of data.

If I was to carry out this experiment again I would make sure the lamp

cover dint create a shadow on the solar cell while up close by

removing it leaving a bear light. I would also use a better quality

solar cell as the one I used was in efficient and was inconstant in

power output as temperature changed. I would also conduct the

experiment in a room with a constant temperature so the experiment is

more accurate. I would also use a room with only one light source and

with no background light. Also I would stay in one place throughout

through the experiment so my body doesn’t reflect the light

differently as the experiment is carried out as it will alter the

intensity of the light hitting the solar cells at different times.

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