The Heroism of Minerva Mirabal Who was the Most Couragous

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How do the Mirabal sisters compare to colonial patriots? Both fought for freedom. Both risked their lives to gain their freedom. And even though all of the Mirabal sisters were involved,
I believe that Minerva was the most courageous. She fought for her personal freedom, she fought for the rights of women, and she even brought her own family into the rebellion to assist her in fighting against tyranny.. Through this essay I will explain my overall opinion and show that
Minerva was the bravest and most devoted of the Mirabal sisters.
Minerva first began to show her bravery when she wanted to go to a boarding school. She was not afraid of being away from home, even as a child. She wants to experience the world to free her mind and widen her horizons, and she does. She even said, "And that's how I got free. I don't mean just going to sleep-away school on a train with a trunkful of new things. I mean in my head after I got to Inmaculada and met Sinita and saw what happened to Lina and realized that I'd just left a small cage to go into a bigger one, the size of our whole country." This is her first step towards being mentally free. Soon after, Minerva learns of Trujillo's secret. Here, Minerva is shown the dark side of Trujillo. She learns that Trujillo paved the path to presidency with the blood of his enemies. Sinita told Minerva , "People who opened their big mouths didn't last very long," referring to those who spoke against Trujillo. Through the early chapters, Minerva is motivated to go to law school. She holds onto this idea into her adult life, showing how devoted she can be to something she wants. Early one we get a glimpse of her serious side;
"It is just what this country's about time we women had a voice in runn...

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...ed in. I almost dropped that lamp when I realized what I was looking at-enough guns to start a revolution!" Maria eventually became such an important figure in the revolution that she earned the code name of Mariposa #2, with the original Mariposa being Minerva. Maria shows her dedication to the cause when she says "My true identity now is Mariposa (#2), waiting daily, hourly, for communications from up north." This shows how Minerva's dedication rubbed off on her family.
Minerva Mirabal was one of the most dedicated and truly effective of the Mirabal sisters. Her courageous and passionate drive led her to become recognized as one of the most influential women in the history of the Dominican Republic, if not the world. She stood strong against tyranny and was willing to sacrifice her life for true freedom in her country. She truly deserves to be recognized as a hero.
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