Solar Energy

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Solar energy is better for the environment than energy derived from other sources. Even though it is the most difficult source of energy to channel, solar energy can provide great amounts of resources for the environment as well as market venture, if proven effective. The fact that solar energy comes from the sun, makes it the most desired source of energy. Without solar energy, oxygen and food would be rare to find; mostly from the fact that the sun brings forth all life on planet Earth. The idea that the sun itself could be a cash cow has those from environmental engineers to scientists trying to find ways to harness its immense energy. Students from across the world as well as accountants use solar energy more than anyone else, calculators are the most popularly used solar instruments in the world; also going overlooked are swimming pools and attic fans.

Solar energy is a renewable natural source of power that can be used to refuel vehicles but can also heat and light homes; which can potentially enable users to not rely on public utility companies to supply power. The creation of solar energy requires little maintenance. Once the solar panels have been installed and they are brought up to maximum efficiency there is little else to do to ensure they are in working order. As governments are doing their part by encouraging citizens to recycle, they also realize the importance of creating renewable sources of electricity; worldwide and locally they offer rebates and monetary incentives to those who install solar panels and solar hot water systems. Solar energy facilities can generate electricity whether there is sun shining or not. As the advancements in solar technology and the price of solar electricity begins to go down, tra...

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...olar energy, greenhouses are a benefactor everywhere, from Chinese market business as well as local farmers in the States. As more people learn about solar energy, the more eco-friendly the world will be.

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