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Devonna Granacki-Bluhm Arizona became a state in 1912. Arizona is the 48 state. Arizona is a large state that is located is the south western part of the United States. Arizona has 6 interstate highways within the state. Arizona is part of the Four Corners. I t is the only place in the United States where the boundaries of four states meet. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix. Arizona has the largest U.S Indian populations. There are more than 14 tribes that are represented on 20 reservations. Arizona is the 6th biggest state.
The biggest crop of Arizona is lettuce. It is the 20% crop of Arizona. Another crop is produces and sells is cotton. One of Arizona’s fruit producing selling is the cantaloupe. It is 2% of the state production. …show more content…

There are a total of 15 counties in Arizona. The population of Arizona is 6,392,017 in 2010. The estimated population today is 68,60,000 people. A few of Arizona industries are mining, health care, education, and transportation. Some of the land in Arizona is the Grand Canyon, The Sonoran Desert, Humphrey’s Peak, and Oak Greek Canyon. Arizona’s climate in the winter is usually only down to 60 degrees. The lowest it can get is to 40 degrees. In the summer the heat can get all the way up to 110 degrees. Some of the goods and services are electronic goods. Another one is space vehicles, and guided missiles. Some of the electronics are computers. Some of the goods are metal. Also one of the services are semiconductors.
A few of the fun national parks for Arizona are Botanical Garden, Montezuma Castle, Grand Canyon Village, and Saguaro National Park. Some of the fun amusement parks to got to in Arizona are Enchanted Island, Castle n Coasters, Funtasticks Family Fun, and Wet and wild. If you are interested in seeing some museums in Arizona here are a few good museums. Some of the museums are called Phoenix Art, Arizona Science Center, and The Children’s Museum. The most populated tourism is held at the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Meteor Crater, and The Boat Hill …show more content…

Lynda Carter was born July 24, 1951.She is 65 years old. She was born in Phoenix Arizona. She is known for playing in the tv series Wonder Woman. She also plays in the shows Gos, Starky, and Hutch. Chelsea Kane was born September 15, 1988. She was born in Phoenix Arizona. She is known for playing in the tv series baby daddy, and she played in the movie Bratz.

Danielle Fishel was born May 5 1981. She was born in Mesa Arizona. She became famous at the age of 10. She is k own for being (Topanga) on Boy Meets World, and Girl Meets

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