How Did Brianna Goes Missing?

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Many people go missing in a day, although you might not realize it because you are not aware of your surroundings. How many people actually go missing in a day? In the United States every 40 seconds a child go missing, that makes about 800,000 children a year. This number of children missing is outrageous and we need to do something about it. This is the case of Brianna Maitland, a seventeen year old girl who went missing in 2004. I believe that Brianna was kidnapped but other theories include that she ran away by herself and that she was killed by known drug dealers in her area. Brianna Maitland was born on October 8th, 1986 to her parents Kellie and Bruce Maitland. Brianna was raised in Burlington,Vermont on a farm with her parents and…show more content…
The day she turned seventeen she moved out because she wanted more independence and wanted to be closer to her friends, contrary to her parents wishes, she moved 15 miles away from home. Brianna moving out was bound to happen, she just decided to sooner than other people. Quickly after she moved out Brianna realized that going to a regular high school was tougher than she had imagined and she ended up dropping out. Brianna also realized that finding a place to call home was also difficult, she was moving from place to place. Wanting to push forward Brianna joined an opportunity high school, which is equivalent to online schooling and eventually graduated. Not only that, Brianna eventually found a steady place and was living there comfortably. Everything seemed to be going uphill for Brianna or at least that is what her friends and family had the impression of. March 19,2004, will be a date that people would never forget who knew Brianna. This would be the last day people that knew her would last see/hear from her till this very day. On March 19th, Brianna had taken her GED test in the morning and passed! To celebrate Brianna and her mother, Kellie, would spend the day shopping. While…show more content…
This theory suggests that Brianna was kidnapped by local drug dealers and killed. Brianna was reported to experiment with drugs such as marijuana and crack cocaine and was “friends” with drug dealers although, her parents were not aware of this just like most parents. The evidence to help this theory is that a few days after she went missing the police department received an anonymous phone call stating in great detail how two drug dealers kidnapped her, kept her in their basement for a few days of torturing, then eventually got cut up into pieces and fed to the pigs. These two drug dealers are known as Ramon Ryans and Nathaniel Jackson. Upon receiving the tip, officers quickly responded and got a warrant to search their residence. Eventually no evidence of a kidnapping was found although officers did manage to find a substantial amount of drugs so both Ramon and Nathaniel were charged. It turns out that a few years later Ramon Reyes would be charged with a murder charge. To me this theory would make sense because maybe Brianna owed them a large amount of money or maybe she knew something that she could use against them. Either way Ramon ended up getting the justice that he

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