How Organizational Development Can Help Innovate And Redesign An Organization

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The business environment consists of individual factors that keep changing throughout the time. The environment itself is dynamic and uncertain, and thus organizational change are not avoidable. An approach need to be practiced to overcome this problem, Organizational development or OD seems to have the solution to this problem. Organizational development is designed to elaborate on the knowledge and potency of people to overcome the challenge of accomplishing successful performance and organizational change. In reality, however Change management practitioners and scholars have begun to have doubts and question of the overall effectiveness of organizational development as the best strategic approach for firms to adopt to manage organizational change. Strategic management on the other hand, seems to be favored on its success in designing a strategic plan for change. Despite countless criticisms on OD, it is important for us to understand how organizational development can help innovate and redesign an organization to perform better. Moreover, we need to address the question of whether OD is the best strategic approach for firms to adopt when managing organizational change. As change has the potential source of competitive advantage over competitor for company that successfully implement it. This essay will discuss the reason, characteristic and the benefit of change. Adding to that, the essay will also discuss the criticism and view on OD and compare it to the other approach of managing Organizational Change like the strategic management. It will then discuss the focus, intervention strategies and the potential for organization that choose to adopt OD, and finally, the essay will conclude whether OD is the best approach when manag... ... middle of paper ... ... thinking on the clarification of the strategy and how to implement them (Heracleous, L., & deVoge, S, 1998). Organizational development does not focus only on training employee and managers, OD also play the role of improving process and strategic planning. OD design an organization policy that can link the company’s goal and resources to meet the overall mission and vision of the company. According to Dawson (2000) resources like knowledge can be defined as “the capacity to act effectively ' ', this is an attribute possessed by people. An organization’s effectiveness lies on its ability to manage and deal with knowledge. Since the knowledge processes of all organizations are continually changing due to dynamic changes in the business environment, these knowledge must also be highly dynamic in order to maintain and improve the overall competitiveness. (Dawson, 2000)

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