How Is The Internet, By Dave Eggers's The Internet And Social Life?

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Internet is the latest technology breakthroughs in interpersonal communication. As we know that, it combines everything such as source, social media, personal information, data etc. Million people had access to the internet and spend hours on it. “In 2002, more than 600 million people worldwide had access to it (Manasian 2003)” (John 574). In the novel “The Circle”, by Dave Eggers is fiction provides details that similarity of technology to today’s internet. The Circle is a company that requests people keep tracking and doing more activity online rather than face-to-face interaction. However, the protagonist Mae involves in the process of transparent in large amounts, then her action affect her relationship between her and her family and her…show more content…
An expert point out that people communicating face-to-face is important; it is about quality not quantity, “people face a lot of self-expression, affiliation, or competition” (Bargh 580). Nie responds to his critics, “We would expect that all those spending more than the average of 10 hours a week on the Internet would report substantially fewer hours socializing with fairly members. Friends and neighbors. It is simply a matter of time” (Bargh 581). This passage suggests that when people spend more time on the internet/technology, their relationships become highly distant. Therefore, if we are no longer have face-to-face communication, we will lose social interaction. This academic journal article, offering in depth and reliable information regarding the new ideas of technologies that is presenting these days. He also uses survey, statistic, historical and events to demonstrate and support his argument. The internet provide you the opportunity to do thing faster and more connection to others, yet the internet also affect your personal privacy. Privacy is important to everyone. He concludes his point and his survey seems to fit with Dave Egger’s novel: “the Internet use led to negative outcomes for the individual user, such as increases in depression and loneliness, and neglect of existing close relationships” (Bargh 580). For instance, Mae transparent affect…show more content…
Or is there a third way?” by Devon Bonady, claims the overuse of technology can only bring people that is close to us far away. She argues that the internet is a bad tool. She keeps the idea of communication in real person; talk to each other face to face and not through any social media on internet. The topics discussed include her choice for not being dependent on technology such as cell phones and social networking services like Facebook. Her argument is we do not need social media and that will not make us isolated because the main point is the human interaction. Her idea is perfectly fit with the novel when Mae spend hours on her computer screen just to click like and comments on other posts in social media network (Eggers 64-100). Bonady starts the text by using an anecdotal of her own experience. The online world may not be replacing our real world social live. Social media can provide us a lot of quantity, we can interact with five people at once, and we can communicate oversea but does not mean that the internet chatting is making more friendships than reality way. I agree with her passage when she says, “I want to focus on quality, not quantity” (Bonady 45). Let say, I have 400 friends on my social my network account, but it does not mean that I know them all. It is not like I have 400 friends and that I can hang out with all. She tries to escape the computer communication as much as possible. People nowadays is addicted to online
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