How Does Celebrex Cause Stomach Problem

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In the text, Abramson writes about a warning issued by the FDA, stating that Celebrex could cause stomach problems. This statement contradicted research results published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Abramson describes how the JAMA article makes (false or misleading) claims that the Celebrex manufacturer couldn’t, because of FDA restrictions (Abramson, Kindle 573-575). In a review published regarding Vioxx, Abramson notes that the authors attribute a high percentage of serious complications to a small sample size. The authors maintain that Vioxx was effective and that the risks were negligible despite the data showing otherwise (Abramson, Kindle 600-602). In these cases, the researchers held prohibited relationships with the manufacturing companies of Celebrex and Vioxx.
The main issue Abramson highlights in the CLASS study is that the authors only reported the first six months. A majority of the observed complications occurred in the second six months, and the researchers pushed to exclude this data which would indicate that Celebrex could actually cause more stomach problems. The authors also combined categories that were initially supposed to be separate, in order to produce significance (Abramson, Kindle 688-702). The VIGOR study …show more content…

In an article published in 2013, researchers evaluated the effects of several dietary supplements on homocysteine concentration. According to the authors, high homocysteine levels is a risk factor for several chronic conditions. In the study, researchers compared a vitamin group to a placebo group in a population of elderly women. They concluded that the folic acid and vitamin B12 (which were given together) benefited the participants, but noted the small size of their sample at 31 patients total (Kesser, et al.,

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how abramson writes about a warning issued by the fda, stating that celebrex could cause stomach problems, contradicting research results published in the journal of the american medical association.
  • Explains that abramson highlights the main issue in the class study, which is that s only reported the first six months, and pushed to exclude this data which would indicate that celebrex could actually cause more stomach problems.
  • Explains that the vigor study conducted similar methods of reporting data. while fewer stomach problems occurred, there were a greater number of cardiovascular problems in the group taking vioxx.
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