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  • folic acid

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    The ingredient overlord, Folic Acid is the new craze! Folate or Folic Acid is a common ingredient found in numerous household, food items. Many people use folic acid and folate as synonyms without truly knowing the difference. Folic Acid is the synthetically formed product that is altered to have the same effects as folate. Folate is what is found naturally in the earth’s product. Folate can be found in a lot of green leafy vegetables such as: lettuce, spinach, asparagus, turnip greens, mustards

  • Folic Acid Supplementation and Pregnancy

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    the Research Proposal The purpose of this study is to analyze the preventative effects of folic acid supplementation during preconception and pregnancy in women. Folic acid supplementation is a standard recommendation among a variety of vitamins and minerals during preconception and is said to prevent congenital defects, primarily neural tube defects in children. However, various studies suggest that folic acid supplementation is not directly correlated with the prevention of neural tube defects, but

  • Folic Acid

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    This is being Folic Acid. The FDA is recommending that it be added to foods and that people take it in pill form every day. This is mainly because it is a key component in the never-ending battle our body fights against diseases. What is it capable of? It is proven to lower chances of birth defects, and heart attacks. The FDA has been viewing the evidence of the chances of lowering birth defects and has ordered that enriched gain products increase their amounts of folic acid. This is because

  • The Midwife’s Role in Informing Pregnant Women of the Importance of Folic Acid

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    this physiological process is essential for homeostasis and ensuring equilibrium is sustained within the body as without enough food and drink the body will not function correctly (Edwards & Thomas, 2009). This essay will provide information on folic acid and its properties, its role and the midwife’s role and responsibility in informing women in the early stages of pregnancy and the importance that it has. An ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, believed that any illness that was suffered by humans

  • Folate

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    nucleic acid synthesis. ‘Folic acid’ is the term commonly used in place of folate. Folate refers to the naturally occurring vitamins known as polyglutamate. Whereas folic acid refers to the most stable, oxidised and synthetic form known as monoglutamates. Folates found naturally in foods need to be initially hydrolysed by a deconjugase enzyme prior to absorption in the gut. The absorption of folate from natural sources is much lower than the absorption from the synthetic form ‘folic acid’ due to

  • Variety Vitality

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    disease. Vitamin A and provitamin A carotenoid, for instance, are nutrients that help prevent disease and cancer. These vitamins also help prevent bacteria and viruses by maintaining the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes. Vitamin D, folate, folic acid, and vitamin B6 also help prevent disease or cancer. The best way to prevent different forms of cancer is to eat a well balanced diet. Rachel Zinaman, a clinical research dietician at the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Cancer Center in New York says, “Consume

  • The Effect of Neural Tube Defects on Healthcare

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    relationship of aluminum and silver to neural tube defects; a Case control. Iranian Journal of Pediatrics, 22(3), 369-374. Ricks, D. J., Rees, C. A., Osborn, K. A., Crookston, B. T., Leaver, K., Merrill, S. B., & … Ricks, J. H. (2012). Peru’s national folic acid fortification program and its effect on neural tube defects in Lima. Pan American Journal of Public Health, 32(6), 391-398. Suarez, L., Felkner, M., Brender, J., & Canfield, M. (2012). Dieting to lose weight and occurrence of neural tube defects

  • Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

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    Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Personal Nutrition Exercise Plan The major goal in life that will add great health and longevity to one’s life is to have a healthy diet along with the proper amount of physical activity added to it. This is something that I have learned a lot about in this class. Now I am trying to balance my own individual needs with plenty of physical activity which allows me to develop a plan that helps me to maintain a healthy weight and prevents disease from

  • Having a Healthy Baby

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    getting pregnant. Even women on birth control should be following precautions. What does that mean? Every women should be taking some kind of multivitamin with folic acid. It not only helps in producing a healthy child, "some studies show folic acid also may help protect women from cervical and colon cancer" ( acid/default.htm). The next thing to consider when planning a pregnancy, is what kind of diet to follow. You want to get into the habit of eating better. According

  • Essay On Fortification

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    Fortification is defined as, the adding of essential vitamins and trace elements to food. One of the first foods to be fortified in the United States, was wheat flour; which is still practiced today. Although the practice is no longer revolutionary, fortification of wheat flour is one of the topics growing worldwide that not very many people know about. For that purpose, this paper touches on the origin, what affects the basis, and requirements of wheat flour fortification in the United States. The