How Did Joseph Swan Build The Light Bulb

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The first incandescent light dates back to 1802, when English chemist Humphrey Davy “passed a current through a platinum wire” [4]. Davy then saw the platinum wire glow and produce a fleeting light. However, the light was neither bright nor long lasting enough to be a reliable light source [4]. In February 1879, English chemist Joseph Swan (Figure 4) created the first practical light bulb. Swan build the light bulb based on English scientist Warren De La Rue’s idea of enclosing the filament wire in a vacuumed tube, which improved the longevity of the filament by preventing it from oxidizing [4]. Swan also Figure 4: Joseph Swan reduced the cost of the light bulb by using a much cheaper material, carbon, for the filament so that general …show more content…

Tungsten, a metal commonly used for filaments, and cement, a binder material, are mixed up in a container and then “pulled through a die — a shaped orifice —into a fine wire” [7]. Next, to produce coiled shaped filament, the wire is curved around a pen shaped metal bar named mandrel [7]. Then, the wire is heated to be softer and properly shaped [7]. At the end, to separate the wire from the mandrel, acid is used to dissolve the mandrel [7]. Figure 16: Manufacturing Process of Filaments 3.3 Assembly of Parts First, clamp a conducting wire to each end of the filament and then mount the conducting wires to a glass support [7]. Next, vacuum the bulb and fill it with a mix of argon and nitrogen gas [7]. Then, seal the base and the bulb, with two conducting wires connected to the two electrical contacts on the base respectively [7]. Finally, test if the light bulbs work properly and then ship them to customers [7]. 4.0 Using a Light Bulb 4.1 How to Use a Light Bulb Make sure to turn off the power. If the light bulb is controlled by a switch, turn the switch off [11]. If the lamp is plugged into the wall, unplug it

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