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THEME: There is nothing we can do which will separate us from God's compassion and love

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The book Hosea was written between 790 and 710 BC by the prophet Hosea.
The story is about the relationship between Hosea and his wife, Gomer, and how their lives parallel that of the northern kingdom of Israel. There are several themes in the book of Hosea and I will discuss what I think to be the main one, “ there is absolutely nothing we can do which will separate us from God's love and compassion”. While the northern kingdom prospers monetarily its morals and spiritual condition is sacrificed. The peoples of the northern kingdom have fallen from God's grace due to their worship of God's other than the one true
God. The following text describes my opinions, others opinions, and my observations of the book Hosea.
The book begins with God telling Hosea to marry an adulterous wife . He does this to show the relationship of the Israelites adultery to God by worshipping idols and other God's. Hosea marries Gomer and they have a son.
God informs Hosea to name the child Jezreel because he is going to punish the house of Jehu for the massacre at Jezreel. Later they have a daughter and God tells Hosea to name her Lo-Ruhama which means, not loved, in Hebrew. Once again
Hosea and Gomer have a son that God tells Hosea to name Lo-Ammi which means, not my people, in Hebrew. Chapter one ends with God describing how the two nations,
Israel and Judah, be reunited under one appointed leader and one God.
Chapter two describes God's feelings towards the nation Israel. He does this by comparing the nation Israel to Hosea's household. He describes how
Hosea's wife has been unfaithful to her husband as the nation Israel has been unfaithful to God. He further goes on to describe his plans for the nation
Israel and how he is going to let Israel search for Him, through other God's, and the obstacles he'll place in their path to hinder their search. God also declares he will punish the Israelites for forgetting about their one true God.
God ends the narration by telling of the restoration of Israel to his favor and the many benefits that will fall upon the nation Israel...

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...s is the first chapter of the Bible (Old and New Testament) that
I've studied this thoroughly and I can also say this will not be the last. I came into this course thinking it was just a requirement for me to receive my degree and I'll leave it with the knowledge that I've received more than just three credit hours.


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