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Week 1 – How Should Jesus’ Parables Be Read? N.T Wright (2008) stated that “When we read the scriptures as Christians, we read it precisely as people of the new covenant and of the new creation” (p.281). In this statement, the author reveals a paradigm of scriptural interpretation that exists for him as a Christian, theologian, and profession and Bishop. When one surveys the entirety of modern Christendom, one finds a variety of methods and perspectives on biblical interpretation, and indeed on the how one defines the meaning in the parables of Jesus. Capon (2002) and Snodgrass (2008) offer differing perspectives on how one should approach the scriptures and how the true sense of meaning should be extracted. This paper will serve as a brief examination of the methodologies presented by these two authors. Let us begin, with an…show more content…
While these categories might be helpful for a reader to delineate between the objective or thematic point context of the parable, the author. Like Capon (2002) states that the interpreter must come to biblical interpretation with a “willingness to hear and respond appropriately” (p.24). From this perspective, Snodgrass (2008) adopts eleven rules for interpretation. These include:
1. Analyze each parable thoroughly
2. Listen to the parable without presupposition.
3. Remember that Jesus parables were oral instruments in a largely oral culture.
4. If we are after the intent of Jesus, we must seek to hear a parable as Jesus’ Palestinian hearers would have it.
5. Note how each parable and its redactional shaping fit with the purpose and plan of each evangelist.
6. Determine specifically the function of the story in the teaching of

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