Honesty: The Most Important Characteristics Of A Good Friend

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The life without a good friend is the same as being dead. It is human nature to have someone that we rely on. A friend in some cultures considers as a part of people’s soul. What makes the friend part of their soul are the characteristics of the friend souls. The most important characteristics of a good are honesty, wisdom , and playfulness. Honesty is one of the most important traits that any relationships relies on. A good friend must be always characterized with it. Honest people are easier to form a bond with which makes honesty one of the many different blocks that relationships build on. First, an honest friend means to be fair and straightforward in conducting thought, speech. An example of honest friend is telling their friends that a meal they…show more content…
Finally A wise friend is capable of understanding people priority which makes him more reliable because he has the knowledge for your situation. For example, when Khasan had a problem with his essay that he did not know what to write, so he asked his wise friend Ryan for an example to write. As a result, wise friends is helping to being a good friend. One of the most important characteristics of a good friend is being playful. A playful friend is important for a healthy lifestyle. A lot of recent studies show that having fun is important to release stress and get rid of all the accumulated pressure during the day. First, a playful friend full of fun and high spirits will help people to have fun and change their mood from bad to good. For example when people go through bad day they tend to visit their most enjoyable friend so they can get rid of the stress that accumulated throughout the day. Second, a playful friend is also entertaining his friends by making different activity such as playing games, camping, and challenging his friends. Finally, a playful friend will have a good sense of humor and that will help people laugh and change the atmosphere around them. For example, a
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