Friendship Essay: The Three Different Types Of Friends

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There are three different types of friends in every friend group: the loyal best friend, the jokester, and the friend who differs from the normality of everyone else. Sitting at the far table in the cafeteria is a small group of friend chatting about the upcoming homework assignment in English. Sara, your loyal best friend, is talking to you about Jason, the boy who has broken your heart more than enough times. Tye, the jokester is telling a story about the previous weekend that has everyone in laughing hard enough for milk to shoot out of their noses. Jax, the friend who is just the right amount of different is silently laughing about the story being told. However, they are all the glue that holds this group together.
We all need a loyal best friend to comfort us in the important moments. No matter who you are, there will always be a time when you need someone to be there for you. There are many times that people face adversity such as job loss, death of family, or even a break up. It is comforting to have someone who knows
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Laughter is the perfect for cure for any bad day which is exactly why your sarcastic friend is needed in your group. Real fights rarely happen with you sarcastic friend. It may be rocky at first, but further into your friendship you will have grown accustomed to their snarky remarks. When things are said, you no longer get upset about the hurtful words that were said. You now know how to throw sarcasm back at your joking friend. They will never be too clingy for you. Most of the time, they do not do very good when it comes to coping with feelings and joke to get out of those types of situations. They have learned to stay just distant enough so that you do not get too attached because they will not be able to reciprocate the feelings. You may be good with attachment but that is what your best friend is for. The balancing factor, however, is your friend who is the perfect amount of
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