Homeschooling Case Study

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Homeschooling is attributed to be motivated by two major reasons, where some people homeschool for religious reason and others homeschool for cultural reasons. The religious homeschoolers want to have religious values associated with their education compared to the others who want to avoid the lack of discipline and crime in their schools. Kunzman (2010, p.21) mentioned that most homeschoolers are believed to see any governmental institution such as schools as being influenced by professional expertise and institutional authority. This leads them to develop a negative attitude towards these governmental institutions and curriculum, which they believe teach the students disagreeable beliefs to their religious fundamentalism. However, homeschooling…show more content…
This is shown by the fact that homeschooling students seek post-secondary education compared to students with high school or G.E.D. diploma. Colleges have much experience dealing with students that have undergone the formal education of public school. Additionally, Arai (1999, p.5) argues that these schools also lack interest in the homeschooled students seeking admission because they have negative attitudes towards these homeschoolers since they believe they do not have the required qualifications to pursue formal education. The institutions lack the confidence that parent’s educators can instill the required knowledge and qualifications in the homeschooled students through the informal…show more content…
Most of the students get the opportunity to prove their excellence through tests, samples of their work, and letters of recommendation. Homeschooled students have retrieve their self confidence in their experiences in colleges and universities since they have most of the requirements and have proven to be qualified to attend such institutions. However, most of the homeschooled students who benefits from these institutions and take part in standardized tests to prove their qualifications and abilities are the best part of the homeschool movement (West, 2009, p.9). Even though, there are other homeschooled students who cannot access formal university education in the

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