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Anaemia is the lack of red blood cells or haemoglobin in the blood. These blood cells carry oxygen and minerals to the tissues of the body. The blood cell count decrease the haemoglobin content in the blood and causes anaemia. Anaemia is caused by the iron deficiency, vitamin B12, B6, copper and folic acid in the body. Anaemia during pregnancy can be harmful as it will supply less oxygen to the baby. Causes for Anaemia The important causes for anaemia are: • Insufficient production of red blood cells This may be due to hereditary or can be acquired because of poor diet, chronic diseases, pregnancy and hormones. • Loss of blood This is a common cause which can be short term or persists for a longer time especially in iron-deficiency. Other causes of blood loss may be during bleeding in urinary tracts or digestive system or heavy menstrual periods. • High rates of destruction of red blood cells This can be hereditary or acquired. In acquired, the body may have an enlarged and diseased spleen that destroys red blood cells. The spleen in normal condition destroys only worn out cells but when it is enlarged it destroy more of the red blood cells than the normal. This causes anaemia. Symptoms of Anaemia The common symptoms and signs of anaemia are: • Dizziness • Shortness of breath • Headache • Pale skin • Chest pain • Coldness in the hands and feet In severe case of anaemia there may be arrhythmia which is to do with the rate of heartbeat. In a span of time this can damage the heart and probably lead to heart failure. It can further weaken the organs in people who are suffering from cancer or HIV. Home remedies for Anaemia can be beneficial and prove to be a great solution. The common home remedies you can t... ... middle of paper ... ... seeds are rich source3 of iron and are beneficial for treating anaemia. You can soak a teaspoon of sesame seeds for a couple of hours. After grounding and straining mix it in a cup of milk and drink it. Use jaggery for sweetening the mixture. This is one of the effective and best Home remedies for Anaemia. Home remedies for Anaemia by massaging and light exercise • Massaging the body keeps the blood level high and helps in circulation of blood. Yoga includes deep breathing and light exercise such as walking helps in toning the body and increases the level of blood. • Vitamin B12 helps in curing and preventing anaemia. Animal protein and kidneys and liver which are organic meats are some of the important sources of vitamin B12. You can try any of the above home remedies for anaemia and see the results. In chronic anaemia it is advisable to consult the doctor.

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