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Hollywood is an interesting entity, it provides the world with entertainment that is exciting, emotional, unique and so much more. At the same time, however, it’s hard not to see Hollywood as a money grubbing industry, full of sleazy deals, awful movies and it has even produced films completely diluted of originality. One style of filmmaking that often gets this label of unoriginality is remakes, which “While genre films, cycles, and sequels… have found their legitimate place in film theory and criticism, the same cannot be said for the remake, which at least since the fifties, has been treated as a less than respectable Hollywood commercial practice.” It’s true that most people don 't like remakes, since the main purpose of the remake is to retell a classic or beloved story that was already good to begin with. Good movies are the subject of most remakes for financial…show more content…
Which seems to be a sentiment that many filmmakers themselves seem to share, as filmmaker Zack Snyder once said about his remake, Dawn of the Dead “I had no desire to remake the picture. A remake, to me, is you take a script and you shoot it again… A re-filming of the original version was so not needed. Reinterpretation is what we wanted to do. Re-envision it.” Snyder actually brings up a great point, reshooting a film is not the way to remake a movies, instead you need to tell the story in a very different way. This re-shooting of a film rarely happens, a perfect example is Gus Van Sant’s remake of Psycho, which by all accounts has been considered a terrible movie by critics and audiences alike. This actually brings up a very good point that their are in fact many different styles of remakes, which makes the concept of a remake stand out as being a unique form of

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