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In our care of the older adult class we had the opportunity to view the movie “Up”. I had seen this movie when it was in the theaters in 2009. The main characters of the movie are Carl Fredericksen who is a retired balloon salesman. Carl lives in a home that he seems to have lived in all of his adult life. Carl shared the home with his wife Ellie and they spent a lifetime together and had an adventure book that was never completed. Ellie had since passed away so Carl now lives all alone. Carl has a visitor who comes to his home looking to help him with a task such as “crossing the street” by an young boy by the name of Russell who is a member of the Wilderness Explorers, which I thought seemed to be similar to The Boy Scouts of America. Russell is attempting to get a badge for helping a senior citizen, by assisting the elderly. There are some minor characters in the opening scene of the movie, the late wife of Carl, Ellie, construction workers …show more content…

Russell was not the least bit intimidated by the cranky old man Carl. Russell was fun and eager and seemed to enjoy his time with Carl, even when Carl was basically telling him to go away and stay away. Russell looked at Carl with admiration and thought he was the greatest man he had ever met. I like Russell’s concern for Carl, when he found out his wife died and he lived all alone. I enjoyed the connection that finally developed between Carl and Russell. I think that children need the influence of the aging adult to help them have a better understanding of the aging process, fill a void if they don’t have grandparents living near, gain wisdom, and strengthening of emotional bonds. Aging adults certainly need relationships with children to help them to have a since of purpose in life, feel energized, reduce the incidence of depression and fill a social need for older adults who might not have family or grandchildren that they get to see

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