Analysis Of Robocop

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When one looks at a reboot of a movie, it is essential to seek a balance of staying true to the old story, while giving it a breath of fresh thoughts. For the story Robocop, the stories being made thirty years apart, it would have a different audience in 2014 than it did in 1984. This audience would require different aspects from cinema, such as flashier effects, more intricate costumes, and a simpler plot. While these changes appeased the younger audiences of the age, the changes left the older crowd as well as the people with different tastes betrayed. Although the new movie had more grandiose and flashy effects and costumes, it lacked charm and had mediocre script writing.
What the newest Robocop had done correctly, is that it modernized
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When one observes the plot of the story, it becomes blatantly obvious that places in the script where story development should be, is replaced instead by shootouts, car chases, and fighting scenes in general. While it is not just understandable, it is crucial to have more action scenes in action movies than other genres, what makes the classic action films great, is that they found a stable order of development of plot and action…show more content…
The original was renowned for its superior script writing, so it would be assumed that it would be obvious to take notes from the movie, yet it seems that the reboot had failed to do so to formulate a new identity. In its attempt to validate the new script, it failed to distribute the same emotions and vibe of a character trying to discover who he was. This had been quickly noticed by fans or the originals and its sequels and drew much ire for seeming to have an oppositely polarized wording when compared to the
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