Hitler's Changing of Germany from a Democracy to a Dictatorship

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Hitler's Changing of Germany from a Democracy to a Dictatorship Their where many situations that occurred causing Hitler to rise to power and change Germany from a democracy to a Dictatorship. I will now give an account of what are I think are the main reasons. In order of date I believe that the reasons were the Reichstag fire, the general election, the enabling act, the Gestapo, the trade unions ban and of course the night of the long knives. I will know explain each one. On the 27th of February 1933 a fire took place at the parliament of Germany. The Reichstag was burned down. A communist was arrested whilst holding an amount of fire starting equipment. Hitler used this to his advantage. As it was one of Hitler’s rivals who started the fire he used this to his advantage and arrested all the communist party members blaming them all for the fire. One power was now out of Hitler’s road to a dictatorship. Just a few weeks later the general election was to take place. Hitler granted a vote that if successful would make him a clear candidate for a dictatorship. The results showed him that only 44% of the present agreed with his vote. Hitler had not been granted enough votes to pass his request therefore lost the vote. In doing so he arrested yet another group of communists resulting in a man named Goering becoming chancellor. On the 23rd of March the enabling act took place. It was a vote that would allow Hitler pass any law he wished and finally enabling him to permit his dictatorship. Hitler believed that he would not win the vote so he ordered the SA to stop and beat up any opposition Hitler would have for the vote. The plan worked and Hitler was permitted to do anything he wanted in Germany. Hitler spread the Nazi law by using his Gestapo (the secret police). He used these to input his law and to rid of people such as Jews,

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