History of Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona

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I. Introduction

I always wanted to attend to an important college. To me, that meant that the smartest people has to be there and one that had good reputation. After research and research I understood that my life have changed since I got to the United States. As an international student my opportunities were less, since I do not qualify for financial aid. My choices were less, but i realized that that does not stop me in going to college and prepare myself to be someone in life. I do not need to be at the most important college to prove myself how worth it I am. A two-year community college would let me prepare myself for much less cost and with great opportunities. Glendale Community College a small college would be the best place for me as a student. It is a place where I can get more attention for the teachers and I could pursue my career in medicine.

II. History

Glendale Community College is a community college in Glendale, Arizona. GCC opened its doors in 1965 with only one college and it was established by the Governing Board as the second MCCCD College (Maricopa County Community College District), as well as is in charge to offer the higher educational needs of the Valley. In august 1967, the association of colleges and secondary schools declared and accredited GCC as an individual college. GCC has the power to inspire and help students to growth as well as change lifes.in fifty years, there are being around half of a million of GCC students that have been graduated with two- degrees, completed a career training or transferred to a university. GCC help students to enrollment through graduation, with the help of advisors, tutors and counselors because they guide students with their own experience. ‘‘Glendale Community College is one of ten, higher education institutions in the Maricopa College District’’ (MCCCD). GCC also have many championships. For example; 1967 cross country, 1968 baseball, 1988 football, 1944 women’s softball, 1996 women’s basketball, 2000 football, and 2005 football (Glendale Community College Athletics Record). GCC offers me many options of sports where I can get involve and make my college life more fun. In addition GCC has grown with the communities it serves by expanding facilities and programs at its main campus and by offering classes in various sites throughout the area (GCC).

III. History´s Effect on the Present

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