History Of Beauty Therapy And Significant Practices

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INTRODUCTION For this assignment I will be doing a timeline of the history of beauty therapy and significant practices that have taken place. I will begin with interesting facts during the ancient times, and carrying on through to this present century. My timeline will consist of information about ancient beauty tool’s and equipment, product history, the history of massage, and makeup styles throughout time. I will talk about New Zealand’s involvement in beauty, and give a brief summary of the impacts that historical events have made on today’s beauty techniques and practices. ANCIENT BEAUTY FACTS • 4000 BC - Ancient Egyptians’ are widely known for their beauty and method’s for enhancing their facial features. Egyptians’ wore make-up for magical and spiritual reasons, they believed that cleanliness and tidy appearance would open a door of acceptance to the gods. Women and men used Galena Mesdemet (made up of copper and lead ore) to apply to the eyelid, creating a pointed almond shape. Malachite was applied to the face, giving the skin fine definition and colour. • 3000 BC - During this time colouring and staining of the fingernails was extremely common within the Chinese culture. Men and women would use beeswax, egg white and rose petals’ to brew a bright polish. Methods such as these would turn out to be quite lengthy, as this procedure required the nails to be soaked in the mixture for several hours’. In Chinese culture only the wealthy were permitted to wearing bright colours. Poorer citizens were only permitted to wear dull colours and defiance would result in the death penalty. • 2500 BC - Essential oils were used by the ancient Egyptians’ to produce perfumes. They spent hundreds’ of years’ trying to perfect beautiful smel... ... middle of paper ... ...andard qualifications’, but they were also providing high quality economical products to therapists’ all over the country. • 1986 Joyce and Neil Blok sold their business to the Self Care Group, and retired to Northern Queensland. • 1990 The house that Joyce converted in to a school, was demolished and replaced by a car park to accommodate swimming supporters’ for the commonwealth games. During the beginning of the year, Joyce Blok School was re-located to a larger building. • 1993 – Present Joyce Blok Institution helped form the Elite International, a government funded beauty and spa therapy school in Hamilton. Elite has expanded since 1993 and there are now four Institution’s in New Zealand. To this day Elite has formed in to a major beauty school in New Zealand, and Joyce Blok products are still thriving as New Zealand’s number one professional skin care brand.
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