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Before I began to do my search process, I made a list and wrote down the things I knew, and certain keywords I could use to find my information. Some of my keywords were, how has technology made cosmetology better, how has technology changed the industry, advances in cosmetology with their equipment and cosmetics, new advanced and enhanced things for cosmetology in 2016- 2017, and if they are making an effect on society. Finding my sources for my research paper wasn't a difficult process for me. I began by typing the question, “new technology in the beauty industry” in the Google search bar. I had a lot of different sources appear, that allowed me to have variety of sources that I needed for my paper. There were so many websites that gave…show more content…
However, I had to only use the most convenient sources that would give me a more indep research paper for people to see the new advances changing the industry. Therefore, I started to click on the links that were relevant to my topic. I got some very good sources that have helped me setup my research paper and put all my ideas together. I also wanted to do a Q&A to my friends and family members that are part of the cosmetology industry, just to get real people to justify certain things and not just the internet, I wanted to talk about questions, that I still wasn't certain…show more content…
In the earliest century cosmetology changes were very slow and less prominent, but in the 20th century everything started changing. Trends and styles changed faster and faster every year. Cosmetology is honestly just the study and practice of a beautician, but in today’s world that has also changed. Cosmetology has became a professional field under a lot of specialized categorized fields as well, including hair colorist, esthetician nail technician, makeup artist, electrologist, and more. Makeup and cosmetics have always been used long before the first century. Researches never really found exactly who was the first cosmetologist, but they do know who were the people who mixed ingredients together to be able to apply and beautify were the Egyptians. Some sources still find that hard to believe, because the ancient hunters were the first people who mixed urine and mud to camouflage their scent, but that would mean everything from bug spray to VapoRub is a cosmetic, but not all materials that are mixed together are able to apply onto the

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