High Schools Should Teach Sexual Education

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High schools should teach sex education. Sexual diseases, unwanted pregnancies and abortions could be prevented if teenagers have the proper information. Some parents don’t know how to talk to their children about sex, or they are just too shy to do it. Other parents don’t even have the right information because their own parents didn’t talk to them about sex ether. Many cultures don’t allow kids to talk or ask anything sexually related until they get married, and sometimes even after that talking about sex to your parents is considered disrespectful. As a result, the number of young couples keep rising, more unwanted babies are put up for adoption, and the hospitals continuing reporting more and more people with STD’s and AID’s. Sexual education should be available to all our high school students for their own protection.
Also, the more we make such a big deal about the subject, the more kids get curious about it.
If we, don't allow our future generations to get a proper education about the consequences of being sexually active, they will look for other ways to get informed or simple do things carelessly. For example, my mother never talk to me about sex, ever! But I grew up in a different country where we had this type of classes. If it wasn't for all the information they provided me, I probably were one more of the many teen moms out there. Many classmates back then were already pretty sexually active, and their parents didn't even have a clue about it. It is impossible to avoid the subject or even try to hide something that is just part of our nature as human beings.
Not only our levels of hormones increases as we hit puberty, but our body also undergoes dramatic changes that we can't hide. We...

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... kids know other ways to prevents a pregnancy besides abstinence since they don't want their teenagers to have sex before marriage because of their religion and beliefs. Yet all this ideas of keeping sexual information hidden from high school students are not stopping them from having sex. The statistics show that the average age an adult is when he or she has his or her first intercourse is as young as 12 years old! In addition, the number of people with AID's and STD's keeps rising, abortion clinics and adoption agencies keep growing and teenagers still become young parents; therefore, not having access to sexual education is not the solution. Avoiding taking to our kids or Preventing them from having access to a sexual education is like sending them to a battlefield without the proper weapons. It is a must to have this type of education at high schools.
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