Pros And Cons Of Adolescent Pregnancy

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The UNICEF defines adolescent pregnancy as “a teenage girl, usually within the ages of 13-19, becoming pregnant”. Adolescent pregnancy has become a national issue as multiple places all over the world are being affected by this. The nature of this problem is that many teenage girls are having children, and as a result many are dropping out of school, getting low paying jobs, have poor housing situation, and are most likely on some type of welfare. Yet, it does not stop at just the mother the child of the teenage mother will most likely grow up in poverty, without of father, and is proven to be more likely involved with crime, drugs, and alcohol. This issue has various high risk factors, such as single parent homes, sexual abuse, and lack of education. Although, along…show more content…
There were many solutions to this issue although, social work practice, and polices were seen as the most effective. We have many policies that enforce sexual education, we have places that provide birth control that is little to no cost, and we are now educating parents on why teens become pregnant, and why we should have a class for teenage boys as well. There are various risk factors, and protective factors that increases and decreases the likelihood of adolescent pregnancy. Some risk factors are family structure, substance abuse, and lack of education. Although, there are protective factors which are being well education, having the resources, social support, and access to birth control. Youth GOV stated that “risk factors include being from a single-parent home, use of alcohol and drugs, and low self-esteem.” This is correct because because single-parent homes results in lack of supervision, and possible alone time for teenagers. Low self-esteem and peer pressure may cause a teenage girl to do start sexual activities early. Many teenagers are unaware of how their body works, and need to be educated by sexual education classes.

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