Henry Ford And The Creation Of Machines

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Rebecca Demonaco Mr. Cooney SSP8H Due 1/8/15 Gilded Age Gents At an early age, Henry Ford was in love of the creation of machines. He loved to dissemble them and rebuild them to see how they worked. Henry was very fascinated with the creation of the watch, but he soon became more in love with machines. Henry moved to Detroit to become an apprentice at the age of 17. Later in 1882, Ford completed his apprenticeship and became a full time machinist. Westinghouse had hired Henry to reveal how steam engines functioned on farms in the summer. Ford believed that by making his creations known to the public, he could encourage more people to buy his cars. This led him to build and drive his own race cars. As a result, Ford 's name became more familiar at the race tracks. However, most people didn’t need a race car; they needed a reliable car to drive. While Ford invested in making reliable cars, investors put together a factory. It was his third attempt at making a successful motor company. July 1903, The Model A (The first car), was sold to Dr. E Pfennig for $850. Ford continued to build cars and soon later came out with the models C, B, and then F. In 1908, Ford built the Model T which was selling faster than every other car they were selling. So fast that Ford couldn 't keep up with manufacturing them. The Model T was light weight, had a fast speed, and was strong. Henry used Vanadium steel in the Model T which was much stronger than other steels. All Model T 's were painted black because the color dried the fastest. Henry 's most famous quote was, “Any color, so long as it 's black.” Although the first Demonaco 2 Model T was sold for $850, the price dropped to nearly $300. In 1913 Ford created ... ... middle of paper ... ...cared about his workers because he knew they needed him, and he was also very dependent on them. He realized that if it weren 't for his workers, he wouldn 't have achieved as much as he did. In conclusion, Henry Ford at an early age loved fixing things and was already into machines and gadgets. Later on, Ford started making and driving his own car to show the public what he could do. He realize that not everybody would drive the cars he was building, and so he started making reliable cars. After that, he created the assembly line; For which he 's most famous for, because people still use the assembly line today. Ford experienced many struggles throughout his career but his hard work paid off. He was a philanthropist and gave most of his money to the poor. he was a captain of industry; He cared about his workers and everyone else whether they were rich, or poor.
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