Healthcare Leadership: Collaborative Leadership In Patient Care

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Leadership is defined as the behavior of a person when managing the activities of a group in achieving a mutual goal. The primary aspect of the role of the leaders involves being influential in the activities of the group and coping with any change that may arise during implementation of the project. In the healthcare setting, leadership programs are linked to the improvement of patient care or the managerial outcomes when applied in a medical facility or institution. In any working environment, building and supporting a working relationship with the employees positively influences and motivates the workers towards goal realization. Previous research on the topic suggests that employees are more satisfied and happier at the workplace when their…show more content…
The collaborative communication approaches are imperative in enhancing healthcare administration through; sharing of information and experience, reducing the intensity of complexity contained by healthcare institutions, and encouraging the exchange of ideas between the stakeholders. Individuals that are mandated with different levels of the task must connect with the control process so that they can be able to actively involve themselves in communicating and validating the requirements and identify the changes in practices that may be required in addressing the changing demands (Al-Sawai,…show more content…
Some of these limitations include;

Not Getting the Necessary Help Needed

Most healthcare leaders are tied to so many things such that they find it difficult to undertake management steps that would have positive impacts on the health facility and the patients at large (Fuchs, 2016). The problem is the lack of individuals with the necessary qualifications to work in the medical facilities (O 'Connell, 2015).

Changing Healthcare systems

It’s hard to adapt to the changing systems within a short time. The leadership must adjust to the policies of the healthcare center which reflect on the care plans, billing processes and focusing on prevention more than reaction. As a health leader, these are the programs which will build trust from customers and increase income (Lantz, 2008).

Assembling the Right
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