Health Disparities Among Latinos

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Racial and ethnic health disparities has weaken the health care system in the United States. According to FamiliesUSA (2017), Latinos predominantly suffers from some health conditions and are more prevalent to illness or get sicker, have severe complications and die from the illness. As reported, the predominant health issues with the Latinos adults are asthma, tuberculosis, cervical cancer, liver disease, obesity, HIV and diabetes. For Latinos children, infant mortality, asthma, obesity and depression are said to be the top list compare to Caucasians (LaVeist, 2005). With those disparities, evidence proposal that social and economic factors have significant determinants. LaVeist (2005), suggests that socioeconomic, socioenvironmental, behavioral and access to, and use of, health care services are major contribution to health disparities between the Latinos and the Caucasians.…show more content…
The measurement of the socioeconomic status, includes personal and family income, poverty rates, education, and occupation. Despite the poverty, less education, and poor access to health care, statistics shows that the health outcomes of the Latinos living in the United States are equal to, or better than, non-Hispanic or African Americans (Kominski, 2014). Behavioral or lifestyles is another major contribution. Low socioeconomic status is said to be associated with unhealthy behaviors. For example cigarettes smoking, overweight due to poor eating habit, and physically inactive are more dominant among the lower socioeconomic rank, which the majority of the Latinos fall under compare to the Caucasians of high socioeconomic category. In addition, Kominski (2014) states that the Latinos tend to delayed seeking care not until their medical condition gets
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