Health Disparities And Racism By Robert A

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Health Disparities and Racism is an ongoing problem that is reflected among society. Health is when an individual is physically, mentally and social well being is complete. However health disparities seems to be a social injustice within various ethnicities. Health disparities range from age, race, income, education and many other things. Even though we realize health disparities are more noticeable depending on the region of country where they live in. Racism is one of the most popular factors, for why it’s known that people struggle with health. From the research I made I was able to understand many ways on how racism is portrayed through different elements in the world. According to the article of Black-White Differences in Health and Mortality by Robert …show more content…

At least in the case of an audience I would definitely like a broader explanation of how important SES, because I feel that if this a factor in society, that was there before and had a different effect in society then it does now. A topic that made a difference in the is research is titled, “Social Inequality and Racial Discrimination: Risk Factors for Health Disparities in Children of Color”by, Kathy Sanders-Phillips, Beverlyn Settles-Reaves, Doren Walker, Janeese Brownlow , the way whites are raised and what they are taught that make them grow with a perspective of what minorities are to them. Even though some whites assimilate that society functions with inequality it would have been nice to read of the way whites act the way they do why do they have a better health, if most Americans eat fast food. Another reason that topic could have help is learning what are the differences among whites that some don’t feel superior and are against

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that health disparities and racism are an ongoing problem that is reflected among society.
  • Explains that the article black-white differences in health and mortality by robert a. hummer shows that there are three theoretical approaches that show racial health and mortality differences.
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