Health Detoreoration: The Evil of Advertising

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Even though advertising was meant to simply convey information about specific products, this goal seems to have been encroached over the years. Most advertisements today are targeted at children. Even though some of the products marketed to children have negative effects on them, they are still being advertised. An example of such products is junk food. Junk food usually contain alot of fats and sugars, which, when continuously consumed, negatively affect the normal functioning of the body. In spite of its malignant effects, junk food is, moreover advertised in ways that appeal more to children. Kids are therefore coerced into buying the harmful food, which puts their health at risk. Advertising junk foods has led to the increased health problems in children. According to the film Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood, advertising has caused increased obesity in children. As reported by CBS news, “Obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled in young teenagers”. This rise in obesity has been directly linked to advertising; in that, children who spend much time on media are likely to have obesity related disorders such as depression and anxiety (Juliet Schor). Obesity is one of the many life threatening disorders today. According to Pam Belluck a reporter of New York Times, children’s life expectancy is being cut short by obesity (Belluck). A new report in ABC news, also predicts that life expectancy of children is expected to be shorter than that of their parents (ABC news). Another health problem that resulted from advertising junk food, is the growing number of children diagnosed with diabetes. In the consuming kids film, a study conducted in the year 2000, revealed that one out of three children born in th... ... middle of paper ... ...Eating healthy enables children live healthier longer lives. This might also lessen the health risks that would have to be undergone, if a child grew up feeding on junk food. Works Cited Belluck, Pam. Children’s Life Expectancy Being Cut Short By Obesity. March 17, 2005. Web. April 7, 2014. Brody, Michael. Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood transcript. Media Education Foundation. 2008. Web. April 7, 2014. Holguin, Jaime. January 5, 2004, 10.07 am. Fast food linked to child obesity. CBS Web. April 7, 2014. Rich, Michael. Consuning Kids the commercialization of childhood. film. 2008.Web. April 7,2014. Schor, Juliet. Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood film. 2008. Web. April 7 2014. Wyche, Sonja. “Will Obesity Shorten Life Expectancy?” . March 17, 2005. Web. April 7 2014.