The Obesity Epidemic

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The Obesity Epidemic

Maria Mena is a second year undergraduate student at Merced Community College getting her general education. After she finishes with her general education she plans on majoring in Nursing. She is interested in Nursing because she wants to help the sick and wounded in a hospital or clinical environment. Nurses will help treat you whether they know you or not and they are there for you in times of great need. Maria Mena is very determined and driven to push herself to achieve her goals. They include but are not limited to graduating from college and getting her Nursing degree. Then also possibly going past just regular nursing and specializing in Pediatric nursing at some point down the road.

In this paper I plan on focusing on a public health epidemic that is taking over the U.S.
It affects everyone but the ones that suffer the most are the children. From the age of an infant all the way through their teenage years. Children are affected by obesity by the poor choices made by their parents when they are young. Then later on by the choices they make themselves. Because of these bad choices in food, eating too much and lack of exercise these children will become obese at a young age. They will end up having different types of diseases later on in life. Since what you first learn about making good, bad, right or wrong choices is taught to you by your parents.

Tiffany Rush-Wilson says in her article The Crisis of Childhood Obesity that due to this health crisis, we know have a generation of children that are expected to live shorter lives than their parents. Obesity is defined as a condition in which a person’s weight is more than 20% greater than is recommended for his or her height and age. Durin...

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...body and mind in a healthy and working condition. Change is the hardest obstacle to overcome. However if we include small steps of change over a larger period of time, society will see that obesity can be overcome with diet, physical activity, and mental awareness of the problem that is all around us.

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The Obesity Epidemic
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