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Case Study 2 – Linda Linda is a 14 year old girl, who is in respite care. In my role as a carer I have observed that she was previously an outgoing and bubbly girl who mixed well but now appears quiet and withdrawn. I have been told by another resident who Linda confided in, that she was being bullied at school and not eating because of being called fat. This concerns me, as I have noticed Linda seems to have lost a considerable amount of weight. For this assignment I will need to identify who I need to communicate with regarding my concerns, recognise Linda’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs and then explain how I would use my interpersonal skills in doing this. I will obtain my information from books and the internet. …show more content…

I would also have to explain to the informant that their information will have to be passed on in confidence, in order for Linda to receive some help. The information would be shared with the multi-disciplinary team, which in respite care could include the family doctor, public health nurse, social worker and clinical psychologist. They would discuss the best possible ways in which to approach and treat Linda’s problems involving her family and also liaising with her school. Identify Linda’s individual needs in this situation, particularly in relation to the physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being of Linda Physical Linda will be experiencing the physical changes to her body that occur during puberty. Following the start of menstruation, her height and weight would increase as well as her body fat. Her hips would widen and her breasts would develop. Pubic and underarm hair grows and spots sometimes appear as the skin becomes oilier. Many adolescents dislike the changes that occur to their bodies, especially the weight gain (raising children, 2011). Through being bullied and told that she was fat, Linda would have lost sight of her positive qualities and have a low self-image. By being unhappy and stressed she would also be more prone to eating disorders (kolodny,

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