Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Hamlet seemed like a very intresting book to me, because of the series of unfortunate events were more like a domino affect. Their was no space in between these events. The death of Hamlets father to him loosing his sanity from learning the truth about his fathers death. The death of Ophealias father and that leading to her own. It taking hamlet to realize he loved ophelia after she died.

In the begnning when Horation, Marcellus, and Bernardo witnessed Hamlets father ghost walking the nights. Horatio tried to speak to him, but he would not respond. He then tried to order the ghost, “ Stay!, Speak! Speak! I charge thee to speak!” It seemed to me that he was ignoring the three guards. He only wanted to speak to one person and I believe that person is Hamlet. He knew he showed himself that the guards would be is messengers so he can speak the truth about his death.The three gaurds chose to speak to hamlet about seeing a ghost who they presumed was Hamlets father. Even with Hamlet mourning over his father. The King speaks on Hamlets behalf, “ Tis sweet and commendable in your nature/ Hamlet, to give these mourning duties to your father.” the quote moved me a little. Even though with Hamlets Suspeions of his uncle killing his father the King is still more and willing to speak for him.

The three guards come to hamlet and spoke to him about seeing his fathers ghost walking the halls at night. Hamlet had to see this ghost for himself. Hamelt and guards waited for the ghost to re appear. Once he re appeard hamlet calls out to the ghost to speak, “ I call thee “ Hamlet,” “ King,” “

Father,” “Royal Dane”, “O Answer me!” This quote showed emotions of sadness and hope. Hoping that this ghost was truley his father, so he can find out what truley happened; if his supicions were correct about his uncle.

The ghost finally spoke, made it aware that it was Hamlets father! He told him that his death was unatural “ Th most foul, strange, and unatrual murder.” Hamelts suspicions were correct all along. That his uncle killed Hamlets father for his, queen, estate, and crown. Which in the middle of the story Hamelt goes mad trying to prove that is uncle was guilty for his fathers death. I thought the play Hamlet put on for the king and the queen was very clever and witty.
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