A Comparison Of The Kite Runner And Hamlet

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The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet have demonstrated how the protagonists’ action of concealing and revealing their true selves impacts themselves and the surrounding. Amir’s escaping from the alley in the year of 1975 and Hamlet’s supernatural conversation with the ghost respectively trigger the aggressive plot development in the stories. Second, Amir’s desperation for paternal love and Hamlet’s grief for the death of Old Hamlet cause them to act differently and lead to a life dilemma. Nevertheless, Amir’s redemption saves him from further concealing the sorrow of betraying Hassan, whereas Hamlet’s life, without forgiveness, forebodes the remarkable tragedy, death. Being evasive to best friend’s…show more content…
Hamlet is extremely proud of Old King and respects him.“He was a great human being. He was perfect in everything. I’ll never see the likes of him again” (I.ii.185-188). Hamlet loves his father and gives the greatest praise at the funeral. Grief driven by love tempts Hamlet to think his father’s goodness, and more, the loss of such a favorable figure. Hamlet believes that the ghost that is said to look like the dead king is indeed his father.”He waxes desperate with imagination”(I.ii.92). The Prince, who is deep in sadness and does not think sufficiently, is convinced that the spirit is the Old Hamlet, he is the only person that can physically communicate with the ghost. Hamlet for the second time talks to the apparition in his mother’s chamber, where Gertrude does not see any. What Horatio and other witnesses encounter at the gate at night proves the possibility of the existence of the ghost, Hamlet later in the play is considered to be truly mad on the account of his unusual ability to see and talk to the spirit, which is obviously conjured up by his mind. Rising actions in both the book and the play are implied at the beginning of the stories: Amir’s memory of 1975 and Old Hamlet’s death. The journey of redemption or revenge takes actions of concealing their true emotions and implementing devised
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