Theme Of Life And Death In Hamlet

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The basis of one 's mortality and the complications of life and death are talked about from the opening of Hamlet. In the mist of his father 's death, Hamlet is having a hard time not thinking about and considering the meaning of life and how life ends. Many questions emerge as the story progresses. There was so many question that Hamlet contemplated. He was constantly worrying that is he revenged on his fathers’ death then what would happen. He would ask himself questions like, what happens when and how you die? Do kings go to heaven? If I kill, will I go to heaven?

In Hamlet 's mind the idea of dying is not what scares him. It is the uncertainty of what the afterlife is that frightens Hamlet away from the actual act, even though he 's infatuated with how to kill himself and get to the other side. The point in the story that is really a turning point for Hamlet occurs in the graveyard scene (Act V) Before; Hamlet has been horrified and shocked. When he sees Yorick 's skull there, which is someone Hamlet loved and
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The death of both women also signifies something as well to the readers. To me it seems that the women play an important role in this simply because the role they do play is some as to why Hamlet is the way he is. Hamlet is at his most erratic when talking to or about either of the two ladies although he does care for both; he 's skeptical, as well. In the case of his mother, Gertrude, Hamlet feels she remarried too quickly and that her remarriage means she didn 't love her first husband, Hamlets father, all that much. The idea is hard for Hamlet to figure out. Hamlet expresses his depression with the situation and his grudge toward his mother with a sarcastic statement that connects the funeral and the marriage. Hamlet does not like the idea of his mother and uncle getting together, especially since it is so soon after his father’s
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