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Hamlet, one of the most intricate and influential plays by Shakespeare, debatably of all time. It has inspired not only appreciative readers and writing critiques but continuous generations of people. The inspiration led to the fabrication of many great movies, which wasn’t achievable until the 20th century. Before cinema was the prevalent method of sharing appreciation and spilling emotion for a specific subject, art portrayed what would fly through our minds such as the many interpretations of Ophelia’s death. With the imagery put into motion we can try and pick apart how certain people might view the play being portrayed and choose what best suits our expectation of this tragedy. Other things that only film has been able to present to us is the various camera angles, a setting that isn’t restricted to a stage and an audience that can be reached anywhere in the world. Also who is casted and how they will be dressed is crucial to the success of the movie although sometimes overlooked during the production process. Some movies represent these elements of mise-en-scene in an excellent matter such as the Kenneth Branagh version of Hamlet, while others would seem to disappoint my expectations for a great re-visualization of our suicidal hero like Micheal Almereyda’s Hamlet staring Ethan Hawke. Admirably though every Hamlet film to date has its own unique style, something that will please all audiences, with its unique pros and cons.

We can start off with something that we all easily take granted for in movies and that is the imagery. We all have imaginations that can produce an accurate image depending on what we read or see, but something the books or plays couldn’t accomplish is give the image to us. So we wouldn’t have to seco...

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...cused at a younger age group, but many of the younger age groups are not interested in the plays of Shakespeare, so they lose out both ways.

Although each movie has its own identity, there are some specific elements of the mise-en-scene that are apparent throughout every film. Some movies are better able to represent there elements such as the wardrobe, imagery, camera work and casting. After going through the main parts of each Hamlet film in my opinion the Hamlet by Kenneth Branagh was the most successful and the least successful was Almereyda’s version with Ethan Hawke. It didn’t seem like it would appeal to most Hamlet viewers. The element of the mise-en-scene stack up for Branagh’s Hamlet and makes it the best one. Hamlet has come a long way since first being written and these movies have only pushed it in a forward direction for many generations to enjoy.

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