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1353 words

“I like the movie but it was not as good as the book” is a saying that is said by most people. In most cases, a movie changes drastically from the book it is based on. Hamlet is one of those cases. Although it does not change completely, there are some big differences and similarities within the book and movie. Reading the play and then watching the movie makes it easier to pick out the differences and similarities. Being able to compare and contrast the movie and play of Hamlet might make it easier to decide which one is better or which one gives a better story. The movie and play of Hamlet are different because of the chronological order, parts being left out and parts being added. They are the same in ways through dialogue, characters, …show more content…

For example, in the movie Fortinbras and his army are not mentioned once in the movie. In the play, Norway and Denmark are at war. This war is not mentioned in the movie at all. Also, at the end of the play, Fortinbras arrives at the castle when everyone is dead and takes over the kingdom. This is also not in the movie. Another scene that is left out in the movie is when Claudius and Polonius plan to spy on Hamlet when he goes to his mother’s room. Polonius tells Claudius, “My lord, he’s going to his mother’s closet. Behind the arras i’ll convey myself to hear the process. I’ll warrant she’ll tax him home” (3.3.27-30). These lines are not shown or spoken in the movie. Soon after this Hamlet kills Polonius, which is shown in the movie, but what comes after is not shown. In the play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are sent to Hamlet to question him where he put Polonius’s body. Rosencrantz asks Hamlet, “What have you done, my lord, with the dead body?” (4.2.4-5). Hamlet says back to Rosencrantz, “Compounded it with dust, whereto ‘tis kin” (4.2.6). In the movie. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are sent off to question Hamlet but the questioning is not shown in the movie like it is in the play. It only shows Claudius questioning Hamlet where the dead body is. Also, the long speeches from Claudius, Hamlet, and anyone else that had long speeches, were cut short. Some of the short lines were cut even …show more content…

The most obvious similarity is the characters. The main characters are seen in both the play and movie. A lot of the minor characters do not change either. Of course, the dialogue is followed almost exactly. There are lines here and there that are cut out, but for the most part all the lines that are not cut out are the exact same. Also, the plot is the same too. In both the movie and the play, Hamlet seeks revenge on Claudius for killing his father. They play that Hamlet puts on is in both the movie and the play that proves he is trying to seek revenge. Hamlet also does not kill Claudius when he has the chance in both the movie and the play. Another similarity is that Claudius and Laertes conspire together to kill Hamlet. In both the movie and the play, Claudius poisons the drink Hamlet is supposed to drink, and Laertes poisons the sword he uses to injure Hamlet. It is made known in the movie that Claudius and Laertes conspire together when Laertes yells out that the King is to blame. The same lines are also used in the play. Laertes yells out, “Thy mother’s poisoned. I can no more. The King, the King’s to blame”

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the movie and play of hamlet are different because of the chronological order, parts being left out and added.
  • Explains that the movie and the play are different because of the chronological order in each one.
  • Analyzes how some scenes from the play are left out in the movie, such as fortinbras and his army, and how claudius and polonius plan to spy on hamlet.
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