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Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is also known as HIV. Human Immunodeficiency Virus attacks and weakens the immune system by causing important cells that fight disease and infection to vanish. HIV is most like other viruses, the flu or the common cold, except there is a difference. As time passes, the immune system can clear out most infections out of the body. The situation with HIV is the human immune system can't seem to dispose the infection. Scientists are still finding out why ( 1).
The key parts that HIV attacks is your T-cells and your CD4 cells. HIV attacks these cells to make copies of itself, then it destroys them. It pretends to be the CD4 and T-cells friends, then it betrays them. HIV is a virus that can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, also known as AIDS. ( 1)
Scientists say HIV hailed from a specific sort of chimpanzee in West Africa. People most likely were exposed to the HIV virus when they came in contact with an infected chimpanzee. Recent studies demonstrate that HIV may have transferred from monkeys to people as far as the late 1800s ( 3).
Once someone gets HIV, that person has it for the rest of his/her life. There are several ways that someone can get HIV. HIV can be transmitted through sexual contact, pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding, injection drug use, occupational exposure, and blood transfusion and organ transplant ( 3).
Today, scientists say there is no known cure for many people in the world. Numerous reports of a cure include individuals who need medication for a specific type of cancer that might have killed them. But the medications for HIV are exceptionally hazardous, perilous, and in some cases life-threatening. These medications ...

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...ered. Not taking meds accurately may bring down the level of the immune system defenders called CD4 cells and cause the level of infection in the blood to go up. The drugs then get less powerful when taken. Some individuals report not feeling sick as an excuse behind halting their medicine or not taking it as told. Tell the doctor if the meds are making him/her ill. The doctor may be able to help him/her manage the side affects so he/she can feel better ( 1).
Although the contraction of the HIV virus meant a death sentence in the early years, today's medicine offers those a better chance at a longer life in the Western World. It's imperative that everyone should take the precautions to avoid the virus through safer sexual contact, staying away from drugs, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Staying informed is the best defense in avoiding the HIV virus.
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