Hiv And Its Effects On Hiv

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HIV, better known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus, has been around for many years. It seeks and destroys cells within the body. HIV is like many other viruses, such as, the flu or the common cold. However, over time those viruses can be cleared out of your body, but HIV is nothing like that; the human immune system cannot get rid of it. The virus gets very strong over time and begin to kill certain cells, such as, your T-cells. Over time, HIV can destroy so many cells that your body will not be able to fight off simple infections. When this happens, HIV can lead to AIDS. AIDS is Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome. This is the final stage of HIV. At this stage, the immune system is destroyed. Everyone that has HIV will not go on to develop AIDS. Symptoms of this may include fever, chills, rashes, mouth of genital ulcers and/or swollen lymph glands. Many people are unaware of these diseases and being unaware makes them prone to spreading them.
One of the main causes of the spread of HIV/AIDS in America is unprotected sex. Unprotected sex is when you have sex without using a condom. A person can be infected if they have any type of sex, such as, anal, oral, or vaginal sex with an infected partner whose semen or blood enters the body. For example, you can be in a monogamous relationship with someone for two years but because HIV/AIDS can take a while to show up your partner can be infected and you not know and you could have unprotected sex and spread the virus. Although HIV transmission is lower through oral sex, the risk is higher when having oral sex if the person has sores, small tears or even bleeding gums. For example, if a woman performs oral sex on a male with HIV and he ejaculates in her mouth that increases the risks. Altho...

... middle of paper ... aware that one of the main causes of HIV/AIDS is death. It is never easy to hear that you have contracted HIV some type of way whether if it was through unprotected sex, needles or from the mother, therefore it is best to get educated and protect yourself from many things. There are many ways that a person can protect themselves from contracting HIV. One of the best ways to know if you have HIV and to stop from spreading it is getting tested. It is okay to talk to your partner about getting tested for the virus. Also, if you use a condom every time you have sex you can lower your risk of contracting and transmitting HIV. Also, it is always best to limit your sex partners, while this can also lower your risk. Also, don’t inject drugs, but if you just have to make sure you are using clean sterile needles. An infected person should definitely take care of themselves.
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