Gun Ownership And Gun Control

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Gun Control According to “Capital Punishment, Gun Ownership, and “Homicide”, it is attempting to answer “two controversial questions, both related to the problem of interpersonal violence in America.” One of the questions asks if “the use of the death penalty exert any measurable influence on the rate of homicide in the U.S.?” and the other asks “what relationship, if any, exists between the level of gun ownership and the level of homicidal violence?” (G. Kleck, 1979) One might ask, “How do you go about this?” So with that being asked, “Several issues are examined: (1) the deterrent effect of the death penalty, (2) the relationship between the level of gun ownership and the homicide rate, and (3) the incapacitative effect of imprisonment on the homicide rate.” (G. Kleck, 1979) From my understanding, the appropriate methods were used to support the thesis stated and everything seemed to have made sense. I also believe that the author employed the methods correctly and that there were no errors in the way he conducted the research. Now let’s look to see if the evidence supports ...
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