Gun Laws Should Be Banned

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Over the past decade America has witnessed multiple school shootings, including recent mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and Roeburg, Oregon. Growing up in the town right next to Newtown I was witness to the horrors and affect the shooting had on the community. Realizing how this shooting impacted not only Newtown, but also all towns in Southwestern Connecticut and around the world, opened my eyes to the crisis of school shootings. There have been stricter gun laws put in place, but as seen by the shooting in Oregon this fall, the system is still flawed. A suggestion of a solution to this crisis is to have background checks on not only the person buying the gun, but also people living where the gun is going to be stored. These checks need to include any information about mental illness or signs of violence, including the mixture of substance abuse, reported by any physician or psychiatrist. Based on previous shootings, many of the shooters have been recognized as mentally ill before the tragedy took place. If we have the opportunity to prevent another unfortunate crime from happening, then I think it is in the government’s best interest to do so. In the aftermath of Newtown, Connecticut, and the Sandy Hook shooting the President took the stand and promised change in the current gun laws. After almost three years there have been no changes made to the national laws, and only 15 out of 50 states have made any improvements to their own gun laws (“State Gun Laws Enacted in the Year After Newtown”). These new laws include changes to the requirement of background checks and reporting mental illness when it comes to purchasing a gun or gun permit. On the mental illness side, the state of Connecticut, made a law that “prohibits pe... ... middle of paper ... ... violence, then other precautions will need to be taken. Information will also be given to gun owners to help them protect their children, mentally ill or not, from the gun violence around the world. The crisis of gun violence, and mass shootings have been discussed in the government and around the world for years, but it’s time to find a solution that really works. Undiagnosed mental illness and mental illness combined with substance abuse are two issues that add up to gun violence. In order to create less shootings background checks need to be mandatory for everyone purchasing a gun, and also a gun permit. These checks need to be thorough and check family history. These need to include information from, mandatory psychiatrist visits at work or school. This precaution may seem extreme, but how many more people do you want to die, when we can do something to stop it?

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