Group Reflection

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During the duration of doing this project our group learned many lessons that helped us make the transition from our past state of leadership to the actually leaders we are today. All these lessons revolved around the common themes of community building projects, teamwork and leadership. These lessons we learned can be applied to many group settings and we will be using them for many projects to come.
In regards to the lessons we learned about being involved with community building projects, the most important lesson we learned as a group was, making sure the values and goals you have as group are the same as the ones represented in the charity you picked. This is important in a fund raising activity because it improves your motivation and adds an element of passion. If a group is fundraising and drawing up all these reports for a charity that they do not think is making the community any better than it currently is, the group is not going to have enough motivation to finish the fundraising. We were motivated by the goal
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These lesson have taught us that everyone has leadership potential and that it takes active help from other group members and the individual to build on their existing leadership characteristics. But as we learned from our group experience once that leadership initiative is brought out it benefits the group in countless ways. It allows for more efficiency and less confusions because people are more confident in their roles and can voice their concerns when they feels any conflict. Additionally it helps the group because when everyone is a leader you have people who know when to step down and take orders from another leader which can help a group out to complete a task. We are glad we learned these lessons about community building projects, teamwork and leadership and we will not hesitate to bring these to our professional careers, and make individuals and ourselves better
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