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“Ms. Shurina, can you please move the due date back for the essay? We all have a huge history project due the same day!” my classmate, Joe, begged our English teacher. “Yeah! She’s right! Can it be three pages too? A five-page essay is way too long. We won’t have time to do it!” my classmate, Sarah, continued. “Yeah! Please? That would be so much better!” the rest of the class chimed in and began yelling in agreement. I sat there quietly. I silently agreed with my seventh grade English class peers. We all had mastered the art of procrastination. We were only seventh graders and we knew that even if we were able to get an assignment pushed back, we would still only start it a day or two before it was due. We would still try to get it pushed back. My classmates hated writing and they would try to do anything to get our teacher to lessen the assignment or delay the due date. This was the beginning of everyone defying writing. Ever since that moment, whenever my English class was assigned a writing task for the rest of grade school, someone would complain. Someone would try to get the due date pushed back. Someone else would ask the teacher to diminish the amount of work due. I did not only silently agree with my classmates. Eventually, I became a part of the cheering and yelling in agreement with the first few protestors. Sometimes I would think, in retrospect, and wonder why; why do my peers hate writing so much. Ultimately, I wondered why students resist writing. I began researching this question. I wanted to understand the reasoning behind our decisions to protest. Was it only because we were procrastinators? Did some of my peers not know how to do a certain task? Did some of my classmates simply not complete assignment... ... middle of paper ... ...rter class periods, reduced budgets, and large class sizes. Teachers also do not devote time in class for writing instruction nor do they give in-class writing assignments. I also found a scholarly source written by an eighth grade English teacher who gave evidence of the effects of having different audiences. She gave her students the audience of the school and also a sixth grade audience. The teacher noticed an effort made by her students. They focused on editing and revising their work. After experiencing a decade worth of English classes, I noticed the repetition of my peers hating to write. Whether it was procrastinating, having no motivation to write, or asking the teacher to lessen the workload, I witnessed students resisting writing. Students resist writing mainly from no motivation and a lack of effort from teachers getting their students to write in class.

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