Imperfection: Are Humans Are Imperfect?

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Humans are imperfect. It 's crucial and enlightening to step out of ourselves once a while and look back as a third person. Solicit and appreciate honest feedback that shows us our weaknesses, so that we can work on it to be real, not perfect. However, for some of us, it 's not easy and I understand it. It 's not about how senior we are, how rich we are or even how talented we are, but it 's about how real we are to accept the fact that we are still imperfect. We are born to be real, not to be perfect. Imperfections that are not worthy to be proud of, are better to give up earlier than later. We have seen even eminent folks missing the mark at times. They appear to be helpless and hold it for a long. Underestimating others & the ideas.…show more content…
If we keep holding on our past beliefs forever, we would remain stuck where we are. Irrespective of designation, authority and title, every person can bring value and new ideas. Rather than feeling insecure, we should rather be proud that we found someone with potential who is ready to take more responsibilities. Why not focus on our own strengths and enable those who have potential and ability to take calculated risks? We can 't hold everything to ourselves. Our ability to accept the fact that there can be better ways to do it and someone tomorrow might show us that, reflects our maturity. The best of today won 't be the best for tomorrow. It gets better and there is always an opportunity to shape it into even…show more content…
Smart people do their homework well in advance and in the depth. You need to trust and sell them your vision, goals, values and ideologies through your culture and actions. They can help you attain your goals with passion, work ethics and values they share. If you hire smart people and expect them to work as your "resources", that might not work. Neither for them nor for you. It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. - Steve Jobs Calling & treating people as the "resources". Old habits die hard. It has been said again and again. We are humans and not just the resources. People can 't be replaced and one can 't expect the same results. We should respect people for what they are and how they are. Values and culture are not spread/shared by putting it on the board or printing it, but by living it, carrying it and setting up an example yourself for others to follow. It helps not to call people “human resources”. They’re people. And, as it turns out, people like to be treated like people. Go figure. - Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO at HubSpot. No matter what, we deserve love and

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