Graduation Speech : College Tuition

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Now that I am in my senior year of highschool I seem to be getting asked which post-secondary institute I will be attending quite a lot. This is normally a pretty casual conversation starter between students and faculty, but I can’t help but get a little timid when I tell them that I will be staying another year in high school, this got me thinking. Are students being too pressured to attend post-secondary? I think that there is a lot of pressure on high school students to pick a higher education, and it’s starting to make a lot of them stressed out. College tuition is already at such a high cost that it would be very detrimental if a student were to change their mind, often leaving them in insurmountable debt. And, there is often this stigma about students taking a year off before they head off to college or university, this again adds the the pressure to attend post-secondary. Finally, I feel that having a high school student pick a possible future occupation while they are still not sure what it is that they want in life. A side note, many teachers tell me that you don’t go to college to have job security later in life, but rather that you go to college to learn skills; the opposite is so ingrained in my student head that I feel that I have to go to school so I don’t fail in life. With all of this going on, colleges are getting ever harder to gain admission to. When it comes to picking a post-secondary option a lot of what students think about is whether or not it caters to what they want out of a school, but what look for in a school is whether or not it is affordable for me. I might be just an outlier when it comes to that, but it really makes me anxious about whether or not I will be in debt for all of my life. And accord... ... middle of paper ... ...el really pressured, and maybe even slightly defeated in the post-secondary race. Not only do the students of today have to deal with their teachers strongly encouraging them to attend college or university, and the stress of having to juggle high school exams, a summer job, and a college application all in a short time span. Alongside their mental health deteriorating, they have to deal with the rising cost of tuition and the higher cost of living standards. Additionally the colleges themselves are actually getting harder to become accepted into. All of these things can really put pressure on someone who is considered an adult, but is still required to ask someone if they can use the washroom. This is why I feel that the students of today are being a little too pressured to make a major life choice, while they are still not sure what they even want in life.
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