Essay On Benefits Of Trade School

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Benefits of Trade
Many high school students are unsure or do not want to attend a four year college. These students feel pressured into doing something they do not want to do because the expectations of high school students is to set off for college to become successful in life. Adults paint the picture that without college education young adults will be failures. Adults believe college will make you superior and an automatic success. But that is an incorrect statement. A hand full of students who attend college eventually drop out for many reasons. Some students do not like the campus they are on because it is too distant from home. Maybe they do not like the community or professors that are present at the university. They become homesick
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While attending Trade School students will not have to be concerned about taking courses that does not pertain to their field, allowing them to focus on what they need to distinguish to become the best they can be. According to the article “Discover the Benefits of Trade School” states, “you can learn from professionals who have spent years in the field of your choice so you will know exactly what to expect.” The students will learn from superiors who truly worked in the field that they desire to pursue in. These professionals can present book knowledge and personal experience, giving the students an idea of how it actually is once they enter the workforce. Another article “Top 3 Advantages of Attending a Trade School” states, “Trade School is the opportunity to receive hands-on learning.” This hands-on learning technique permits scholars to gain knowledge physically, giving them enhanced knowledge on how to complete their assignment. Students can inscribe numerous annotations regarding an object, but would continue to have trouble when it’s time to operate. Physically operating by hand grant students superior knowledge on how to accomplish the task. This quote states, “Vocational Schools… focus on providing the training and skills students require for a specific job” (Hansen). The school’s ambition is to make their students the greatest at what they perform without the interference of irrelevant…show more content…
Students have many advantages while attending Trade Schools. Students focus strictly on the classes they need to make them the best at what they wish to become. Prior to the direct education, they work mostly hands on. This technique allows students to really understand what they are doing. Also once they complete the school, they are almost guaranteed a position in their career putting them on track to a successful life and reducing the stress of job hunting. The length is short, about 9 months to a year, so students can start a family; buy a car, etc faster than if they were to attend a university. In addition students do not have to leave their families behind. Students who stay in a single parent household and takes care of the house could stay and continue to help their parent out. That way they can better their life while still helping out around the house. The best advantage of attending a Trade School is that it will not leave you in a world of debt, these schools are very affordable. The escape from paying back loans allows students to spend money on them and even start investing in a house if they want. It cost less than 5,000 dollars to complete Trade School; that is less than one year of any university, whether it is in-state or out of state. Therefore high school students and even adults do not have to complete college to be a
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