Graduation Speech

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It is probably a mistake that I am standing here giving a speech for graduation. In fact it is probably a mistake that I am even graduating from this school at all -- believe me, just as most people in this class I have tested the limits of attendance, of sleeplessness, and of procrastination. At the beginning of my high schooling, I was even testing dropping out ... and if that wasn't a mistake, I don't know what was. After four years of Starr altering our minds, it seemed most fitting for me to spend my four minutes talking about mistakes. Thank goodness for them, by the way -- it is only when we truly screw up big time that we are ever stopped in our tracks -- stopped, briefly, to learn lessons of worth. Sometimes, the value of mistakes are seen on a smaller scale; having a semester final turned back with more red marks than a Freshman without Clearasil. Isn't it then when we step back for a moment and look at ourselves? When on our Biology test we couldn't tell a cell from an atom, or an atom from an Eve; when on the math test, we pray to a higher power for a sign, and he give...
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