Should The Book The Hunger Games Be On The Banned Books List?

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To Ban or to Read? Should the book The Hunger Games be on the banned books list? Before answering this question it is important to understand, or have a brief description of the book. This book takes place in an unspecified future time. The story follows a sixteen-year-old girl who belongs to district twelve’s life as she volunteers for her sister to participate in the Hunger Games. The male participating in the games soon develop a crush on Katniss. The purpose of the Hunger games is to remind each district that the Capitol has complete control over every district, also for remembrance of the failed rebellion of the current competitors ancestors. During the Hunger Games the end goal is to have one winner at the extent that everyone else is killed off. However, at the end of the book there are two winners, Katniss and Peeta refuse to kill each other leaving the capitol to end the games with two winners because they threatened to kill each other at the same time, leaving no winner. After hearing a brief description of the story you might think that there aren’t many good things about they story. However, this is false, there are many good things in this book that makes it a good read. First being that it is a very intriguing book. This is good for teenage readers because often times they don’t willingly want to read, and this story will force the teenage or any reader to continue the book and continue reading the series. Secondly, this is a “good” book because it has a good balance of violence. This is a good thing because it provides readers with an exciting read. We hear and even see violence in our everyday life and I believe that it is something teenagers should be exposed to. This book gives children an insig... ... middle of paper ... ...ves to be on the banned books list because of its level of violence. One that wants this book off the banned books list could say that violence is everywhere, why should one book be banned for showing something that is everywhere in todays society. I think this book shows a good concept of war. It could open ones mind to the idea of war and how one is forced to fight for themself and even their country. In the book they fight for themself and their district but relating it to the readers life he or she can think of it as fighting for themselves and their country. Which I believe is a good concept for young teenagers to be exposed to. I think this book should be off the banned books list because there are many reasons The Hunger Games can be considered a “good” book, it portrays many good themes throughout the novel and it can be translated into modern day war.

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