Devlen Hopkins: The Writing Style Of Ellen Hopkins

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Many authors have a reason for their writing style. Sometimes their style is due to certain events that have happened throughout their life, where they write to try to prevent the same thing happening or others. The things writers go through and write about may not be “appropriate” according to school boards and “concerned” parents; but they teach lessons and in some occasions, help save lives. Ellen Hopkins, a well-known young adult author, has written many books that have changed the readers paths in life; seeing what the real possibilities are. Many people disagree with her writing style, but she writes these novel so people can avoid and see the consequences of bad decisions. Ellen Hopkins was a baby when she was adopted by Valeria and Albert Wagner in Palm Springs, California. Valeria was 42 at the time and Albert was 72. Hopkins adoptive parents have had a major impact on her writing style. Valeria read to Ellen every night at a very young age, thus leading her to read chapter books before she even started kindergarten. Albert taught her the value of honesty and good work ethic. Ellen was influenced by her teachers in the private school her adopted parents enrolled her in. Her teachers told her that she could be anything she wanted to be when she grows up. With that advice, she never gave up her dream, and at the age of nine she published her first poem in the Palm Springs Desert Sun. Hopkins biological mother, Toni Chandler, was a writer and a poet. Hopkins parents have made a very big impact on her writing career in a good and supporting way. Without her parents and the encouragement she was given, she probably wouldn’t have achieved her dream. Crank by Ellen Hopkins tells the story of a teenage girl who becomes addi... ... middle of paper ... ... another. Ignorance is no armor. And those whose lives are touched by the issues I write about deserve to know they are not alone.” (Ellen Hopkins). In reality, she was trying to do the opposite when she wrote the story. She wanted to show what could happen choosing the wrong path, by writing about real life situations so it doesn’t happen to another kid or parent(s). The things Hopkins have been through throughout her life have made her see all risks of the bad things her daughter went through, and she wants to try and help people through these novels. The first time she heard about getting censored she wrote a poem called Manifesto and sent it out to her publisher. Although many parents and schools disagree with her writing style and theme, she still continues to write inspiring books and doesn’t let the news about her censorship ruin her confidence in writing.

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